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Best Mechanical Pencils in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Best mechanical pencils

One of the most underrated tools in a toolbox is mechanical pencils. These pencils can help you mark all the measurements with the best possible accuracy. You can also keep track of all the notes using this pencil.

Unlike the typical wooden pencils, these are way more convenient and reliable to use for any kind of project. They get rid of all your worries regarding sharpening pencils or replacing their broken tips.

Now, the difficult part is finding good quality mechanical pencils in 2024, as they have become quite rare. That's why, we are here to ease your life and guide you through the best mechanical pencils out there. Let's get started.

What is a Mechanical Pencil?

Simply put, a mechanical pencil is a writing tool designed for precision and convenience for users. Unlike traditional wooden pencils, it uses a thin, replaceable lead instead of a solid graphite core. This lead is housed inside a barrel. There is a metal tip on the barrel that connects mechnically with the lead, it's called a clutch. You simply use the clutch to bring out the lead and use the pen.

What are Mechanical Pencils Used for?

Having a mechanical pencil isn't just about using it for your woodworking or metalworking projects. You can use the pencil for a variety of work. They can be used for:


Whether you want to take some notes in class or from meetings, or simply need to take a note on the go, the pencils can be very useful. The constant flow from these pencils make it very easy and quick to write with them.

Art and Design

The pencil is also pretty useful and effective for art and design purposes as well. With its varying lead sizes, you can have precise control over the line thickness and weight. It makes them perfect for detailed sketches and technical drawings. You can also use the pencil for shading and blending purposes as well.

Professional Application

One of the key reasons to use mechanical pencils is to apply them for professional work. These pencils are great for drawing accurate lines, which is essential for drafting and creating architectural plans. Since these are also quite erasable, many people prefer them for editing and proofreading. And, of course, these pencils are quite popular amongst carpenters and construction workers for their projects.

Different Types of Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils can come in different varieties based on several factors. We have categorized the types of mechanical pencils into three categories. These are types of pencils by lead mechanism, by use case, and by materials. Let's take a look at each of these categories and the different types.

Based on the Lead Mechanism

The lead mechanism means how the lead tip on the mechanical pencil functions. Based on this factor alone, there are three types of mechanical pencils you can find. Such as:

Click Pencils:

This is the most common type of mechanical pencil out there. These feature a button on the side of the barrel. When you click the button, it advances the lead with a short increment with each press. It's a quite simple and convenient pencil for everyday use.

Retractable Pencils:

These are quite similar to click pencils, but they comes with a mechanism that allows the tip to retract. The purpose of this is to protect the lead when you are not using the pencil. It's the perfect choice for carrying in pockets or bags.

Shaker Pencils:

Shaker pencils feature a very unique design where shaking the pencil gently advances the lead. The reason for this function is to help in distributing the wear on the lead more evenly. It will ensure that the tip doesn't break easily on this pencil.

Screw Pencils:

Usually, these pencils are used as drafting pencils. These tend to have a more traditional design and function where the lead advances when you simply twist the top part of the barrel. 

Based on the Use Case

Depending on how the pencils can be used or what you can do with the pencils, there can be three types of mechanical pencils.

Drafting Pencils:

If you want to do some technical drawing or require a pencil for architectural projects, then drafting pencils are the best choice. They offer extreme level of precision which is suitable for such kind of drawing. 

Ergonomic Pencils:

While drafting pencils are all about accuracy and performance, ergonomic pencils focus on the comfortability factor. These pencils come with padded grips and angled barrels and use a lightweight material. If you have to use a pencil for long hours, there is nothing better than ergonomic pencils.


There are some mechanical pencils that combine multiple functions into one. For instance, you can get mechanical pencils that also function like a pen or a highlighter in the same barrel. This makes it very convenient for students who can simply carry one of these pencils and have a pen or highlighter alongside them.

Based on Material

Mechanical pencils can use various kinds of materials for the barrel. They primarily come in three different types. These are -

Plastic Pencils:

Plastic mechanical pencils are the most common and affordable option out there. These pencils come in a wide range of colors and styles.

Metal Pencils: 

If you want a bit more premium feel in your pencil and added durability, then metal mechanical pencils should be your pick. Typically, most artists and professionals prefer to use them over plastic pencils. 

Wooden Pencils: 

When it comes to aesthetics and a traditional look, there is nothing better than wooden pencils. These are more durable than plastic pencils but less pricey than metal ones. It's the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

The Benefits of Using Advanced Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils come with a load of benefits that make them the clear winner for many writing tasks over traditional wooden pencils. Let's explore the reasons why mechanical pencils have become a favourite among students, artists, and many professionals.

Exceptional Convenience

Convenience is one of the strongest factors of mechanical pencils. With a mechanical pencil, you will never need to worry about sharpening it. It not only saves your time, but also your frustration of constantly having to sharp the pencils you use. And you can also use different types of lead refills based on your project requirements.

Precision and consistency

Another strong suit of mechanical pencils over other regular pencils is their precision and consistency in results. The fine point of mechanical pencil lead allows for precise lines and detailed writing, making them ideal for tasks like note-taking, sketching, and technical drawing. Some advanced models even feature lead rotation technology for a consistently sharp tip and even line width.

Ergonomic comfort

A lot of mechanical pencils feature an ergonomic design, which enables them to achieve an extreme level of comfort. You can hold these pencils for hours without having any kind of discomfort on your fingers or hand. Also, the balanced weight distribution on these pencils make them easier to control while adding comfortability as well.

Versatility in Designs and Functions

If you love colours and style choices, then mechanical pencils are definitely for you. They come in a wide array of styles, colours, and materials. From sleek metal options to comfortable plastic models, you can find one that suits your taste and budget. Some pencils even offer additional features like retractable tips for better portability or refillable erasers for on-the-go corrections.


At first glance, mechanical pencils may feel a bit expensive, but if you think about it, they are quite cost effective as well. Unlike traditional pencils mechanical pencils don't need to be replaced that often. You can buy one it will last for a long time making it a very cost-effective pencil option.

Durable and Eco-Friendly

No matter what the material is, mechanical pencils are extremely durable. They are built with some solid, high-quality materials that are suitable for everyday use. And the best part about these pencils is that they are completely harmless to the environment. As these pencils come with refillable lead cartridges, you won't have any wood shavings from sharpening a pencil. This makes them an eco-friendly option.

Best Premium Mechanical Pencils

If you are looking for the perfect premium mechanical pencils for any construction project, then Bitbuddy Mechanical Pencil set might be the perfect choice for you. Let's check out how it can be your perfect project companion.

BitBuddy Mechanical Pencil Set


Bitbuddy mechanical pencil set


BitBuddy mechanical pencil set is a set of mechanical pencils that are designed for the demands of construction and carpentry tasks. It promises durability, precision, and functionality, all in one packag. The whole set of pencils is built to withstand harsh wear and tear of a toolbox with ease.

Key Features

  • Tough material construction to tackle any challenge like bumps, drops, and rough handling.
  • Delivers consistent line width for accurate measurements and markings on projects.
  • Suitable for long hours of use with, the ergonomic design providing comfort and reducing fatigue. 
  • Includes 7 high-quality lead refills to keep the pencils in use without requiring any frequent reloading.
  • Comes with a built-in sharpener to keep the lead sharp for pinpoint marking.

 Benefits of using BitBuddy Mechanical Pencils Set

  • Reliability will never be a concern with this pencil set for any project due to its focus on durability.
  • You will always get accurate measurements on the job using the consistent line width feature on the pencil. 
  • Even after hours of use, the ergonomic grip on the pencils is there to minimize your hand fatigue.
  • No need to buy an extra sharpener or any other tool, as the pencil comes with a built-in sharpener. 
  • There are clear brandings on the pencil set that make it easy to find them in a cluttered toolbox.


The BitBuddy Mechanical Pencil Set appears to be a solid option for professionals who need a reliable and functional writing tool on the job site. Its focus on durability, precision, and convenience makes it a strong contender for anyone who prioritizes a tough and dependable mechanical pencil.

Pricing: $24.99

Best Luxury Mechanical Pencil Bundle


Precision & Efficiency Bundle

Precision & efficiency bundle

This bundle combines two key tools for any project: the BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder and a BitBuddy Mechanical Pencil. The focus is on creating a streamlined and efficient workflow for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

  • The holder is crafted from anodized aluminium, and the pencil features a tough material construction 
  • Bit holder features multiple slots to securely hold various drill driver bits.
  • Comes with a carabiner for easy attachment to a tool belt or bag.
  • Pencils offer an ergonomic grip for long hours of use without fatigue.
  • Includes 7 high-quality lead refills for extended use.

Benefits of the Precision and Efficiency Bundle 

  • The bit holder keeps your drill bits organized and readily accessible, saving time searching for the right tool.
  • Having both the Bit Holder and Pencil readily available streamlines your workflow, minimizing interruptions.
  • The Mechanical Pencil allows for accurate and clear markings, crucial for successful project completion.
  • Both the Bit Holder and Pencil are designed for tough environments, ensuring they can withstand daily use.
  • Features like the carabiner and built-in sharpener add to the overall ease of use.


The BitBuddy Precision & Efficiency Bundle appears to be a well-suited option for professionals who prioritize organization and precision in their work.  By providing a system for bit storage and a reliable writing tool, it can streamline workflow and enhance overall efficiency.

Pricing: $42.50

Best Brand of Mechanical Pencil Holder

If you have a lot of mechanical pencils of different sizes and types for various purposes, then you need a pencil holder for them. It will help you keep all the pencils organized in your toolbox without any hassle at all. And the best choice is the BitBuddy Builder's pencil holder. Check out how it can help you.

BitBuddy Builder's Pencil Holder

Bitbuddy builder's pencil holder

This is the perfect equipment to use if you already have a BitBuddy 7-piece bit holder and you work with a lot of mechanical pencils. With the combination of this pencil holder and the BitBuddy bit holder, you will never have to face the frustration of losing pencils. The holder provides a secure and convenient way to store your pencils while keeping them within reach.

Key Features

  • Securely attaches to the BitBuddy holder without any risk of falling out or coming off. 
  • It's very lightweight and easy to carry around in a tool belt or a toolbox. 
  • Very easy to attach and detach the pencils on the holder. 
  • Crafted with a high-quality material like anodized aluminium for great durability. 
  • Fits on to mechanical pencils flawlessly keeping them firmly in place. 


  • Keeps your pencil securely attached, eliminating the hassle of searching for it in your toolbox or around the worksite.
  • Combine your pencil with your drill bits, promoting a more organized tool belt.
  • The easy attachment and detachment feature is great for quick access to your writing tool.
  • Suitable for rough workplace conditions with a sturdy construction. 
  • Makes storing the mechanical pencils much more convenient and easy for your work. 


The BitBuddy Builder's Pencil Holder offers a simple solution for a common problem. By keeping your pencil attached to your BitBuddy holder, it promotes organization and eliminates wasted time searching for a lost writing tool. 

Pricing: $9.95

How to Buy Bulk Mechanical Pencils in Australia?

When you are out there looking to buy bulk mechanical pencils in Australia, Bitbuddy might just be the perfect place for you to do that. However, before you buy, you need to make sure that you are considering the following factors.

Graphite Hardness

The graphite hardness in the pencils usually determines the darkness of the pencil on any surface. Usually, the darkness is measured using a letter-number code. The letters usually are “H” or “B”. And there can be numbers like 2, 4, 8, or 16. Typically leads denoted with “H” are harder and lighter, which are ideal for precise writing and technical drawing. Whereas leads denoted with “B” are softer and darker, which are suitable for everyday writing and sketching.

Lead Size

Along with graphite hardness, lead size also matters when buying a mechanical pen. Usually these range from 0.3mm to 0.9mm. Thicker leads are great for durability and wider lines. Whereas, finer leads offer better precision for detailed work. You can choose any of them based on your work requirements. If you are not sure, then 0.5mm is a popular middle ground for everyone.

Pencil Material

Another factor that you have to consider while buying a mechanical pencil is the material used to build it. There are three material choices out there, plastic, metal, and wood.

If you are a student then, you would prefer going with a plastic mechanical pencil due to its affordability. While they are lightweight, they aren't very durable. As a result, you can't expect to use them in rough conditions.

On the other hand, you have the robust metal material on the pencils. These are great for durability and add a premium feel to the pencils. They are perfect for professionals and artists who prefer to work with something solid, regardless of their high price.

Lastly, there is wood, which is solely meant to fulfil the aesthetic purpose of a pencil. Metal pencils may look premium, but they don't have that traditional artistic touch. Wooden mechanical pencils fill that void and give the pencil an artistic touch.


Usually, design is not something that you would consider when buying a mechanical pencil. But it does have an impact on the choice you make. A good-looking design on your mechanical pencil simply reflects your taste and your choice of style.

While it doesn't functionally add any value to the pencil, it enhances the look and beauty of it for sure. The design consideration is completely up to your preferences.


The last thing to think about before buying a mechanical pencil is the price. While it will vary depending on the brands, functionality, looks, and durability, you can always stay within a budge. There are some mechanical pencils that are quite affordable, such as plastic mechanical pencils. These are very common and generally in use without featuring anything extra.

However, if you want to prioritize certain factors like comfort, durability, or other advanced features such as lead refill or retractable tip, then you will need to pay more.

FAQs about Mechanical Pencil Collection

Are you not satisfied with what you have got till now? Well, then check out some of the most popular questions people often have regarding mechanical pencil collection. These may fulfil your curiosity as well.

What is the most common mechanical pencil size?

The most common mechanical pencil size is 0.5mm. This lead thickness offers a good balance between precision and durability, making it ideal for everyday writing, note-taking, and even some sketching. However, the ideal size depends on your needs. Finer leads like 0.3mm offer greater detail, while thicker leads like 0.7mm or above are more durable but create wider lines.

What is the most popular mechanical pencil brand in Australia?

There is no doubt that when it comes to mechanical pencils or any other tool in Australia, the most popular brand is BitBuddy. They provide a wide range of collections for mechanical pencils with lots of features and options. You can also rely on them for additional tools like pencil holders or bit holders to keep things organized.

How long do mechanical pencils last?

The lifespan of a mechanical pencil depends on how often you use it and how well you care for it. A good quality pencil with a metal body can last for decades, while a plastic one might need replacing sooner. The lead refills will likely need replacing more frequently depending on your usage.

Are mechanical pencils good for drawing?

Yes, mechanical pencils are excellent for drawing, because of their precision, control, clean erasal, and no sharpening requirements.

What is the Difference Between a Pencil and a Mechanical Pencil?

There are plenty of differences between a pencil and a mechanical pencil. For example, traditional pencils have a solid graphite encased in wood. At the same time, mechanical pencils come with thin lead refills housed in a barrel. Traditional pencils require frequent sharpening, whereas mechanical pencils don't need any sharpening. Mechanical pencils are usually much more precise compared to traditional pencils. However, traditional pencils are cheaper than mechanical pencils.


To conclude the whole discussion on the best mechanical pencils in 2024, it's quite easy to find some quality choices. If you are going to BitBuddy, you can find plenty of amazing mechanical pencils and some additional accessories such as pencil holders. They can easily be a better choice than traditional pencils for all your crafting, construciton or carpentry projects.

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