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Artline 70 Black Permanent Marker - Bold & Fade-Resistant

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Artline Permanent Marker

Elevate your artistic endeavors with the Artline 70 Permanent Marker in Black, a must-have tool for every creative mind. Whether you're an artist, student, or DIY enthusiast, this versatile marker is designed to make your projects stand out with precision and boldness.

Key Features of Artline Permanent Marker

Permanent Brilliance: The Artline 70 is known for its deep, rich black ink that leaves a lasting impression. Create permanent and vivid lines that won't fade over time, ensuring your artwork remains as vibrant as the day you created it.

Versatile and Reliable: Perfect for a variety of surfaces, the Artline 70 Permanent Marker is a true all-rounder. Use it on paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, metal, and more, making it an essential tool for artists, crafters, and professionals alike.

Fine Point Precision: Achieve intricate details and fine lines effortlessly with the marker's fine point tip. Whether you're sketching, outlining, or writing, the precision of the Artline 70 ensures your work is nothing short of perfection.

Quick-Drying Formula: No more smudges or waiting around. The quick-drying formula of the Artline 70 allows you to work efficiently without compromising on quality. Get the job done with confidence and precision.

Durable Design: Built to last, the Artline 70 features a sturdy and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended periods of use. Take on projects of any scale with a marker that keeps up with your creativity.

Make a statement with the Artline 70 Permanent Marker in Black – a reliable companion for artists, students, and DIY enthusiasts. Add it to your collection today and experience the power of permanent brilliance!

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Artline 70 Black Permanent Marker - Bold & Fade-Resistant
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