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What is a Jobber Drill Bit? A Complete Guide for Beginners

What is a jobber bit holder

As a beginner in the drilling world, you will encounter many different terms and tools. One of the most confusing yet effective tools you should know is the jobber drill bit. 

These drill bits have a specific use case scenario where they shine the brightest. If you are just getting into the drilling world, you should know the purpose of these bits. That way, you can also utilise them in your time of need. 

That’s why we have meticulously crafted this comprehensive jobber drill bit guide for beginners. From definition to the best choices, learn everything about jobber drill bits in one place.

What is a Jobber Drill Bit?

A jobber drill bit is just like a regular drill bit but with a more significant length. These bits have a larger length, but the cutting tip is still the same as most other regular drill bits. 

This unique design allows it to create deep holes in various materials, from wood and plastic to soft metals. The versatility makes it a valuable addition to any drilling toolkit.

Features of a Jobber Drill Bit

  • The bits can tackle various materials, from wood and plastic to soft metals.
  • Their long length allows you to drill deep holes in one go
  • It features a twist flute design to efficiently remove chips and debris, keeping your drill hole clean and precise.
  • Comes with a split-point tip that centres the bit and prevents wandering, ensuring a clean and accurate start to your hole.
  • They are generally very affordable, making them a great option for DIYers on a budget.

What is a Jobber Drill Bit Used for?

Since jobber drill bits are quite versatile, you can use these drill bits for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common uses of the jobber drill bit include:

  • Creating Pilot Holes: Jobber drill bits are ideal for creating pilot holes before driving screws or nails. This prevents wood splitting and ensures a strong, secure connection.
  • Dowel and Shelf Pin Holes: Drilling precise holes for dowels and shelf pins is crucial for sturdy furniture construction. The jobber drill bit's accuracy makes it perfect for this task.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Installations: Running electrical wires and installing plumbing fixtures often require drilling various-sized holes.
  • Fastener Applications: Whether you're hanging shelves, installing cabinets, or attaching fixtures, jobber drill bits can handle drilling holes for various fasteners.
  • Joinery in Woodworking: Joinery techniques like pocket hole joinery or dowel joints rely on precise drilling. Jobber drill bits deliver the accuracy needed for strong, aesthetically pleasing woodworking projects. 
  • Creating Holes for Hardware: Installing hinges, drawer pulls, or other hardware often involves drilling precise holes. 
  • Drilling into Sheet Metal: Jobber drill bits, particularly those made from high-speed steel (HSS), can effectively drill holes in thin sheet metal for various applications.
  • Drilling Soft Metals: Jobber drill bits can be used to drill soft metals like aluminium or brass, making them useful for DIY projects or metalworking tasks.

The 10 Best Jobber Drill Bits in 2024

Here, we are making things easy for you with this list of the top 10 jobber drill bits in 2024. Each one delivers in quality but varies in size and features. So, choose the one that best suits your project requirements.

1. 4mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded

4MM jobber drill bit carded

This compact drill bit, measuring 4mm in diameter, is your go-to for delicate projects. It's ideal for creating pilot holes for small screws or nails, ensuring clean penetration without damaging surrounding material.

Key Features 

  • Engineered for precision and clean drilling in various materials.
  • Durable construction with wear-resistant cutting edges for long life.
  • Gold titanium coating enhances hardness, reduces friction, and improves heat resistance.
  • Comes with excellent versatility for various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and more. 


  • The drill bits minimise material waste.
  • With strong constructions, there is no risk of cracking
  • Perfectly suitable for Tight Spaces
  • Creates clean pilot holes for screws
  • An exceptional, cost-effective option


  • Limited drilling capacity may not be suitable for all project needs.
  • It requires careful handling to avoid breakage due to its small size.

2. Premium 6mm Gold Series Jobber Drill Bit

Premium 6mm gold series jobber drill bit

Part of the high-performance Gold Series, this 6mm jobber drill bit boasts superior quality. Expect clean and accurate holes in various materials, making it a versatile choice for professional and DIY applications.

Key Features

  • It is constructed of high-speed steel (HSS) with a gold coating for longevity, wear resistance, and a touch of class.
  • Versatile 6mm diameter tackles various materials from wood to metal for clean, precise holes.
  • Precision machining ensures consistent results and eliminates wobbling for a smooth drilling experience.
  • This versatile, durable bit tackles any drilling project and is ideal for professionals and DIYers.


  • Provides professional-grade results
  • Increased durability with all kinds of projects 
  • Beginner-friendly design gives confidence to DIYers 
  • Reduces drilling time for added efficiency 
  • Versatility across materials


  • More expensive compared to standard bits.
  • It may be overkill for simple drilling tasks requiring less precision.

3. Gold Series 3.5mm Jobber Drill Bit

Gold series 3.5mm jobber drill bit

Another member of the Alphatools Gold Series, this 3.5mm drill bit tackles projects requiring slightly larger holes. Its quality construction ensures precise drilling and efficient chip removal for a smooth user experience.

Key Features

  • Made from high-speed steel (HSS) for strength, hardness, and wear resistance, with a gold coat for extended durability.
  • Precise 3.5mm diameter tackles various applications in wood and metalworking with jobber length versatility.
  • Ideal for drilling pilot holes, clearance holes, and countersinks for DIY projects or professional tasks.
  • Optimised flute design ensures efficient chip removal for smoother drilling, especially in dense materials.


  • A great step up from small pilot holes
  • Ideal design for dowel and shelf pin joints
  • Drills clean holes for electrical wiring,
  • Reduces the risk of drill bit breakage
  • Comes with the reliability of the Gold series 


  • It does not have the best drilling capacity compared to larger diameter bits.
  • It may require multiple passes for deeper holes.

4. Gold Series 5mm Jobber Drill Bit

Gold series 5mm jobber drill bit

Whenever you need to work on 5mm holes for dowels, shelf pins, or other applications, look no further than the Alphatools Gold Series 5mm jobber drill bit. This bit delivers clean cuts and reliable performance for a variety of tasks.

Key Features

  • Crafted from high-speed steel (HSS) for durability, this Alphatools Gold Series 5mm Jobber Drill Bit ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Engineered for precise drilling in wood, metal, or plastic, this jobber drill bit delivers clean and accurate results.
  • The gold titanium coating enhances wear resistance and prevents premature dulling.
  • With a versatile 5mm diameter, this jobber drill bit tackles various drilling tasks for professional and DIY applications.


  • Excellent durability for rough project uses. 
  • multi-purpose functionality adds versatility 
  • Capable of handling decorative hardware projects 
  • Convenient and easy to carry 
  • No need for additional post-drill cleanup.


  • Unsuitable for very small pilot holes or delicate applications.
  • Requires a larger drill bit for heavy-duty fastener installations.

5. Gold Series 3mm Jobber Drill Bit 2-Pack

Gold series 3mm jobber drill bit 2-pack

This value pack provides two 3mm jobber drill bits, a convenient solution for those frequently using this common drill bit size. Having spares on hand ensures you're always prepared for small-hole drilling projects.

Key Features

  • Featuring a gold coating for enhanced durability, wear resistance, and a touch of sophistication.
  • Perfect for various applications with a 2-pack for uninterrupted workflow.
  • High-quality materials, a sharp cutting edge, and built to tackle tough tasks.
  • Easy storage, organisation, and quick drill bit selection.


  • Convenience for Frequent Use
  • Cost-Effective Value Pack
  • Perfect for Production Line Drilling
  • Reduces Wear and Tear
  • Peace of Mind with Spares


  • Drilling capacity can be very limited 
  • It's not the perfect option for occasional users.

6. 11mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded

11MM jobber drill bit carded

This larger drill bit, measuring 11mm, is ideal for creating wider holes in wood, plastic, or soft metals. It's perfect for tasks like installing electrical wiring or plumbing fixtures.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality materials, the Gold Series bit ensures long-lasting performance even in tough conditions.
  • This drill bit is engineered for versatility and tackles wood, metal, and plastic for consistent results.
  • The specially designed flutes efficiently remove chips, preventing overheating and ensuring smooth drilling.
  • Conveniently stored and transported with the included carded packaging, perfect for workshops or retail displays.


  • Large-scale project efficiency
  • Reduced need for multiple drill bit sizes
  • Suitable for upgrading hardware
  • Optimum ventilation holes
  • Durable for soft metal applications


  • Larger sizes make it difficult for tight spaces.
  • Requires a drill motor with higher torque for harder materials

7. 11/64in (4.37mm) Jobber Drill Bit Carded

4.37MM jobber drill bit carded

Check out this jobber drill bit from Alphatools if you work with imperial measurements. This 11/64-inch jobber drill bit offers a precise solution, equivalent to approximately 4.37mm. It tackles various drilling needs where an exact imperial-size hole is required.

Key Features

  • At 11/64 inches, this versatile jobber drill bit tackles various drilling tasks precisely.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, this Gold Series drill bit ensures longevity and consistent performance.
  • This versatile drill bit is essential for a workshop and is designed for various materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic.
  • The sharp cutting edge efficiently removes material, reducing effort and creating cleaner, smoother holes.


  • Precise match for imperial measurements
  • Reduces conversion hassle
  • Ideal for repair and restoration projects
  • Complements existing imperial drill bit sets
  • Reduces frustration with incorrect sizing


  • Less common sizes may not be readily available.
  • Requires users to be familiar with imperial measurements to avoid confusion.

8. 7.5mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded

7.5MM jobber drill bit carded

This mid-sized 7.5mm jobber drill bit is your solution for projects requiring medium-sized holes in wood, plastic, or soft metals. Its extended length allows for deep hole creation in a single pass.

Key Features

  • Top-grade materials ensure longevity and superior performance (Gold Series signifies quality craftsmanship).
  • Designed for professionals and DIYers using various materials (wood, metal, plastic).
  • 7.5mm size offers the perfect balance between accuracy and efficiency.
  • Convenient carded packaging enhances presentation, storage, and transport.


  • Versatility across projects
  • Strong and secure blind joints
  • Efficient cable management
  • Reduced risk of hitting wires or pipes
  • Great step up from pilot holes. 


  • Not suitable for very small pilot holes or delicate applications
  • It may require multiple passes for very deep holes.

9. 8mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded

8MM jobber drill bit carded

This may be your primary choice when you need to create larger holes in fasteners or other applications. This 8mm jobber drill bit from Alphatools is up to the task. Its design facilitates clean drilling and efficient chip removal for various materials.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance, the Gold Series drill bits tackle your toughest jobs.
  • Meticulously engineered for precise drilling in wood, metal, or plastic, the 8mm Jobber Drill Bit delivers clean, accurate holes.
  • These drill bits confidently handle various materials and are versatile enough for woodworking, metalworking, and more.
  • The Gold Series features a stylish gold coating, adding elegance to your toolbox.


  • Heavy-duty fastener installations
  • Creates space for pipe fittings
  • Efficient for larger cable runs
  • Suitable for soft brick applications
  • Reduces muscle strain


  • The larger size requires more power from the drill motor.
  • Creates larger holes than necessary for some applications.

10. 4.5mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded

4.5MM jobber drill bit carded

Offering a slightly larger diameter than the 4mm bit, this 4.5mm jobber drill bit provides more versatility for small-hole drilling projects. It's suitable for a broader range of tasks than its smaller counterpart.

Key Features

  • This Gold Series Jobber Drill Bit is made from high-grade materials for longevity and reliable performance. It is the pinnacle of quality.
  • The versatile 4.5mm size tackles a wide range of drilling needs in woodworking, metalworking, and more, effortlessly delivering precise and clean holes.
  • The eye-catching gold finish reduces friction, enhances heat dissipation, and increases wear resistance for a long-lasting tool.
  • Sharp cutting edges designed for optimal speed and accuracy deliver efficient drilling performance.


  • Ideal for craft projects
  • Suitable for hanging artwork
  • Precise holes for zip ties
  • Reduces risk of material breakage
  • Multi-functional for everyday tasks


  • Drilling capacity is lower in comparison.
  • It may require multiple passes for deeper holes.


To sum up, choosing the best drill bit is all about what kind of project you are working on. As you can see, all the drill bits here come from the same Alphatools brand; it’s just about the size differences and features.

Choose one, and you will have a satisfying drilling experience when using your first jobber drill bit.


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