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Hex Shank Drill Bits: The Ultimate Buying Guide (2024)

Hex Shank Drill Bits: The Ultimate Buying Guide (2024)

Drill bits are the unsung heroes of countless construction projects, home repairs, DIY projects, and more. Its improved grip, compatibility with different tools, and efficient power transfer during operation make this tool the most effective. Apart from a regular drill bit, hex shanks are the most popular tool for complex projects.

But in the marketplace, there are endless options available—high-speed steel, carbide tips, straight shanks, etc. Selecting the right bit for your drill to avoid construction hazards is daunting.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the top 13 hex shank drill bits by considering several factors. So, without more talk, let’s get started!

What is a Hex Shank Drill Bit?

A hex shank drill bit is a hexagonal shank (six-sided) designed for quick and easy use with drill drivers. It provides maximum surface contact with a drill chuck and prevents slipping during drilling. This drill bit is suitable for insertion into a standard 3-jaw drill chuck or a hex shank drill.

In short,

  • Ideal for drilling holes with optimal speed,
  • Stable and cutting-edge bits have a unique geometric design,
  • It is often used in woodworking, metalworking, general construction, and DIY projects.

Key Features

  • Keyless or tool-free insertion between different drill bits.
  • Suitable for drilling precise holes in different materials, i.e., running electrical conduit, installing dowels or fasteners, general drilling, and more.
  • Compatible and hardy.
  • Chuck grip is made with a metal sleeve or collet that reduces slipping.
  • It allows efficient transfer of torque from the drill bit and improves performance.

After completing the definition of a hex shank drill bit and its key features, let’s scroll down to explore its uses more!

What are Hex Shank Drill Bits Used for?

As you already noticed the hexagonal shank drill bits ensure a secure grip, reduce slippage during high-torque uses, allow quick changes, and minimize spinning. Apart from those, the drill bits are used for several applications, including:

  • Furniture assembly: It is often used for furniture construction and disassembly.
  • Metal hole drilling: The drill bits can be used for metal drilling, i.e., metal sheets, pipes, and other objects.
  • Screw installation: Hexagonal shank drill bits are often used for construction projects like farming walls or building decks, electrical, and plumbing.
  • DIY and home development: The drill bit is suitable for DIY furniture projects and home repairs, i.e., hanging shelves or installing fixtures.
  • Hardy and specialized applications: It is helpful to create conical holes for screw heads or below the material surface.

However, these shank drill bits have many applications for their versatility, quick change capability, and risk-free gripping. Want to buy one for your construction works, DIY projects, home repairs, or other applications?

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Top 13 Hex Shank Drill Bits in Australia

One of the most common questions is whether the hexagonal shank drill bits are better or which hexagonal shank drill bit set fits my projects. Well, there is no doubt about the importance of hexagonal shank drill bits across different industries.

When it comes to choosing the best hexagonal shank drill bits for metal, it’s wise to consider features, advantages, and disadvantages. Considering all these factors, our experts listed the top 13 tested and checked hex shank drill bits.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Gold Series 2mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

Gold series 2mm hex shank quick release drill bit

The 2mm Gold Series Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit is designed for use with impact drivers and cordless drills. Its quick-change shank helps you insert and remove the drill without a chuck. By reducing heat and increasing lubricity, it increases lifespan. The gold coating expresses elegance but also provides extra durability. It’s a must-have in your toolkit that matches your commitment to excellence.

Key Features

  • Ensure long-lasting reliability and meet the highest standards.
  • Effortless bit swaps and gold coating increase its durability.
  • Versatile operations with a standard drill or a specialized one.
  • Split point cuts faster and reduces wandering.
  • Ideal for multiple materials: steel, wood, plastic, and stainless steel.


  • Quick-release designs.
  • Ideal for intricate projects and fine woodworking.
  • Best for professional or DIY enthusiasts.
  • The split point helps in accurate and cleaner drilling.


    • It might be suitable for small holes.

      2. Gold Series 4mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

      Gold series 4mm hex shank quick release drill bit

      The Gold Series 4mm Hex Shank is designed for drills with a quick-change chuck. This drill bit can create 4-millimeter-wide holes within multiple materials. Also, you don’t need a key to remove and insert it. This high-quality drill bit offers fast and effortless swapping of drill bits without any slipping risk. However, engineered with precision and crafted for durability, it is a must-have addition to your toolbox.

      Key Features

      • Hassle-free and swift bit change without wasting time on tool adjustments.
      • Provide consistent and reliable results.
      • Advanced design ensures stability during operation.
      • It is made with high-speed steel (HSS) or similar ones for longevity.
      • Suitable for multiple applications: wood, metal, or plastic.


      • Provide a smooth drilling experience without any hazards.
      • Withstand high-speed drilling without wear.
      • Provide a secure grip and reduce slipping changes during drilling.


        •  It may not be ideal for extremely hard materials.

          3. Gold Series 3.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

          Gold series 3.5mm hex shank quick release drill bit

          Are you searching for a drill bit that allows medium-sized hole drilling? The Gold Series 3.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill bit is your best choice. It offers convenience and durability and ensures a secure fit. The bit is ideal for wood, steel, plastic, and stainless steel materials. Also, it facilitates fast and easy bit changes, enhancing workflow efficiency.

          Key Features

          • 3.5mm, suitable for small to mid-sized holes.
          • Allows a secure grip and prevents the chuck from slipping.
          • Made with high-speed steel (HSS) or similar durable materials.
          • The gold coating enhances durability and reduces drilling friction.
          • Fast and quick bit changes.


          • Quick release saves lots of time.
          • Ensures a tight grip on the drill chuck.
          • Durable coating and ensure long-lasting performance.


            • Restricts it to creating mid-sized holes.

              4. Gold Series 10.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

              Gold series 10.5mm hex shank quick release drill bit

              Gold Series Premium drill bit is 10.5mm Hex Shank, which benefits DIY projects and precision drilling. As a game-changer drill bit, it provides corrosion resistance and is perfect for long-term use. Also, its easy bit replacement improves your workflow and makes it a must-have kit in every constructor. One of the most useful drill bits, even for those with less experience.

              Key Features

              • 10.5mm creates large holes suitable for dowel pins, conduits, or large fasteners.
              • A rapid and hassle-free bit of change.
              • Provide longevity and consistent results.
              • Quick insertion and removal from compatible drill chucks; no need for a key.
              • Improve stability and risk-free.


              • The gold coating extends the bit’s lifespan.
              • Fast switching saves lots of time.
              • Ensures clear, accurate, and better control.


                • It may not be suitable for all applications that require additional bits for different sizes.

                   5. Gold Series 13mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 13mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  The 13mm hexagonal shank is a high-quality drill bit designed for efficient and reliable drilling. As a robust and efficient drill bit, it is suitable for making holes in different materials. Its hexagonal shape provides a better grip in the drill chuck and reduces slippage. However, it's fast-changing drill bits without additional tools, improving efficiency during work.

                  Key Features

                  • Gold coating indicated a higher-quality bit.
                  • It enhances durability and corrosion resistance.
                  • Helps in efficient debris and reducing clogging.


                  • Easy to use and secure attachment
                  • Suitable for versatile projects, such as wood, plastic, etc.
                  • Helps in efficient debris removal.


                  • Little bit pricy

                  6. Gold Series 12mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 12mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  One of the best hexagonal drill bits - Gold Series 12mm is the perfect fit for different types of hardy projects. It is a game-changer and a must-have addition to the toolkit. From woodworking to metalworking, this drill is a versatile choice for a wide range of projects. Also, it is a reliable tool for your drilling needs over the long haul.

                  Key Features

                  • Hexagonal-shaped end for quick insertion and removal.
                  • High-quality or specific features are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
                  • Reliable, durable, and efficient drilling solution.


                  • Fast and tool-free bit changes.
                  • The larger diameter refers to the shank design
                  • Compatible with most standard drill drivers.


                  • Common sizes or types of drill bits may not be available.

                  7. Gold Series 3mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 3mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  These hexagonal shank metal drill bits are made with utmost precision and durability—elevating your every project to a new level. Want to save time when switching and minimize slippage? Try BitBuddy’s hexagonal drill bits and achieve precise drilling with confidence. However, they are ideal for intricate tasks where precision is paramount.

                  Key Features

                  • Ensure a secure fit in drill chucks.
                  • Goal coating for reduced wear and increased lifespan
                  • Ideal for small to medium-sized drilling tasks.
                  • Increase productivity for its versatile features


                  • High-quality materials.
                  • Provide more control and accuracy.
                  • Suitable for multiple materials: wood, plastic, and light metals.


                  It may not be widely available.

                  8. Gold Series 5.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 5.5mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  Another effective and popular hexagonal shank drill bit for metal is the 5.5mm gold series - perfect for heavy-duty drilling tasks. The bit is designed to create medium-sized holes in different materials. Most DIY hobbyists and professionals love this bit for its quick-release features and secure grip.

                  Key Features

                  • Made for high-speed steel (HSS) or a similar durable material.
                  • Ensures a secure fit in drill chucks and minimizes the risk of slippage.
                  • Hexagonal-shaped end for quick insertion.
                  • High-quality materials.


                  • Offers a good balance between precise holes and drilling needs
                  • Cost-friendly
                  • Excellent customer support team


                  • It might not be the best selection for hard materials.

                  9. Gold Series 2.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 2.5mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  The 2.5mm tiny hexagonal drill bit holder is designed for precision and ease of use. With this, you can drill with less force and good-quality radial stability. Compared to the ordinary drill bit, its specialty lies in a quick-change hexagonal handle that is more convenient to replace. Also, its eye-catching gold finish adds an elegant vibe and enhances visibility.

                  Key Features

                  • Suitable for impact drivers & cordless drills.
                  • Split point cuts faster and reduces wandering.
                  • Reduces heat and increases lubricity.
                  • Ideal for DIY projects and different engineering, machinery, production lines, maintenance of household appliances, and more.
                  • Easy to suck the screws.


                  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
                  • Excellent customer support team
                  • Budget-friendly


                  • Some comment that the bit is very prone to breakage with even slight excess force.

                  10. Gold Series 4.5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 4.5mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  Do you want to experience unparalleled drilling efficiency? Try the gold series 4.5mm hexagonal shank and say goodbye to frustrating tool changes. Its seamless productivity and reliable performance make it more popular. Whether you tackle wood, metal, or plastic, use this 4.5mm shank drill and explore seamless productivity. It is universally compatible with different power tools that ease your work.

                  Key Features

                  • High-quality materials ensure consistent and precise results all the time.
                  • Suitable for small holes, i.e., running small wires, installing tiny screws, pilot holes, and more.
                  • Improve workflow efficiency and compatibility with quick-release systems.
                  • Enhance durability and longer lifespan.
                  • Reduce heat build-up and optimize for efficient debris removal.


                  • High-quality coatings compared to standard bits
                  • Work perfectly with hexagonal shank drill extension
                  • Cost-friendly


                  It may not fit all types of drill chucks without an adapter

                  11. Gold Series 6mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  Gold series 6mm hex shank quick release drill bit

                  One of the most premium Gold Series 6mm hex shank cobalt drill bits - the ultimate solution for efficient workflow. Do you want to elevate your drilling experience with high-performance accessories? This drill bit is made to fulfil professionals' demands where experts meet value. Its gold coating adds a touch of elegance and enhances wear resistance. Also, it promises a reliable and consistent performance every time.

                  Key Features

                  • High-grade gold series materials ensure longevity.
                  • Sharp and hardy cutting edge guarantees accurate holes.
                  • Quick release feature enables swift bit changes.
                  • Flute design facilitates effective chip removal and prevents clogging.
                  • High-level performance and accurate drilling.


                  • 6mm offers a good balance between precise hole creation and accommodating
                  • Enhance wear resistance and extend the bit’s lifespan
                  • Fast and tool-free bit changes


                  • Not be ideal for heavy-duty applications

                  12. 5mm Hex Shank Quick Release Drill Bit

                  5MM hex shank quick release drill bit

                  The 5mm hexagonal shank is made with precision and engineered for efficiency. With these cobalt hexagonal shank drill bits, you can instantly get clean and professional results. Built to withstand handling the toughest tasks - DIY, construction, businesses, or others. From woodwork to metalwork, this drill supports most and is a must-have addition to your toolkit. Experience these versatile drill bits now!

                  Key Features

                  • Eye-catching gold series drill bit and high-quality materials.
                  • Provides accuracy and professional results.
                  • Durable construction and versatile uses.
                  • Suitable for tasks like running wires, installing small screws, or pilot holes.
                  • Offers a smooth balance between hardness and different materials for drilling.


                  • Accurate, safe, and clean drilling
                  • Premium quality and performance
                  • Quick and knowledgeable customer support team


                  • Only suitable for small-hole creation

                  13. Premium 6.5mm Hex Shank Drill Bit

                  Premium 6.5mm hex shank drill bit

                  The last but most powerful and game-changing drill bit is the premium 6.5mm hex shank. Crafted with precision, it is the perfect companion for heavy projects. With this, you experience smoother and more precise working vibes that enhance productivity and accuracy. You don’t need to use the extra key to insert this drill bit. BitBuddy’s Gold Series 6.5mm hex shank saves time and provides extra resistance against wear.

                  Key Feauters

                  • 6.5mm hex shank ensures a secure and stable grip.
                  • Provides enhanced control and accuracy.
                  • High-quality materials and guaranteed longevity.
                  • Provides extra resistance against wear and corrosion.
                  • Time-saving functionality.


                  • Fast and tool-free insertion
                  • Easy to use and improve centering
                  • High durable and suitable for different construction projects


                  • Some specialized equipment may not support 6.5mm hex shank

                  FAQs about Best Hex Shank Drill Bits

                  Can I use a hex shank in a normal drill?

                  Yes, you can use a hex shank in a normal drill or a drill chuck designed for hex shanks. When using, ensure the bit’s size is compatible with the drill and fits perfectly into the chuck.

                  Why do some drill bits have a hex shank?

                  A hex shank or hexagonal drill bits provide maximum surface contact with a drill chuck that prevents slipping. Also, its geometric design allows for higher torque and efficient power transfer during operation.

                  How does a hex shank work?

                  A hex shank is a type of cutting tool with a hexagonal shape at the end of the drill bit or tool. It perfectly fits into a matching hexagonal socket in the drill chuck or driver to grip the bit more securely. It’s a 3-jaw standard drill chuck designed for hex shanks and the quarter-inch shank bits are used with ¼ inch impact drivers so that you can change instantly.

                  What is the difference between a straight shank and a hex drill bit?

                  The difference between a straight shank and a hex drill bit is the shank shape: Straight shank bits are cylindrical shape and hex shank bits have a hexagonal shape. Other differences are:

                  1. Straight Shank

                  • Best for general drilling tasks.
                  • Fits into standard keyed or keyless chucks (10 to 13mm) on regular drills.
                  • Low gripping power.
                  • Not suitable for high-torque applications.
                  • Widely used in drilling and tapping operations, i.e., milling machines, lathes, etc.

                  2. Hex drill bit

                  • It is similar to a screwdriver set.
                  • Fits perfectly in a standard drill chuck.
                  • High gripping power.
                  • Handles high-torque applications or, when needed, switches between drilling and driving screws.
                  • It is used in a standard drill chuck and hex driver chuck.


                  At the end of this article, Hex Shank Drill Bits, we've highlighted the top 13 drill bits' key features, pros, and cons. As a seasoned professional or DIY enthusiast, we hope this ultimate buying guide helps you select the best one for your future project. Remember to value hexagonal drill bits' versatility and efficiency.

                  Happy drilling!

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