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Best Countersink Drill Bits: A Step-by-Step Buying Guide

Best Countersink Drill Bits: A Step-by-Step Buying Guide

Countersink is one of the most prominent details many overlook in metal and woodworking. However, it immensely impacts the workpiece's aesthetics and functionality. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using countersink drill bits. 

The countersink drill bits make creating countersinks on projects much easier. However, finding the best countersink drill bit for your project is difficult. That's where we come into play with the ultimate guide on countersink drill bits. Once you finish this guide, you will have 8 high-quality countersink drill bits. 

Don't know how to choose? Well, we cover that as well. Without wasting any moment, let's dive in.

What is a Countersink Drill Bit?

A countersink drill bit differs greatly from the standard drill bit because it can create a conical recess rather than a simple hole. While this alteration seems quite minor, it serves a crucial purpose. The purpose is to allow the head of a screw or rivet to sit flush with the surface of the material, 

As a result, you will get a visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Countersink drill bits come in a variety of sizes, and all of them are carefully calibrated to correspond with specific screw head diameters.

What is a Countersink Drill Bit Used for?

The basic use of countersink drill bits is to create a cone-shaped hole in materials like wood or metal. This hole is specifically designed so that it can hold the head of a screw, bolt, or rivet, allowing it to sit flush with the surface of the material rather than sticking out. While that offers a perfect fit, it also makes the piece look good. 

Here are some of the common purposes for using countersink drill bits:

  • Creating a clean and professional finish
  • Making space for a washer
  • Hiding the screw head
  • Preventing damage to the material

The 8 Best Countersink Drill Bit in Australia

Choosing the right countersink drill bit can be crucial for achieving a clean and professional finish on your project. That's why we have listed the top 8 choices in Australia, with their key features and benefits. Based on your project preferences, you will surely find your perfect pick.

1. 6mm TCT Countersink 9mm Depth Gauge Drill

6mm TCT countersink 9mm depth gauge drill

For those who tackle tough materials and demand professional results, the 6mm TCT Countersink Drill Bit with Depth Gauge is a perfect choice. It comes with heavy-duty materials that can power through almost any surface with an extended tool life. 

Key Features

  • Tungsten carbide tip (TCT) easily tackles tough materials.
  • A 9mm depth gauge ensures a professional and polished finish.
  • The 6mm diameter provides flawless precision in the results.
  • TCT construction ensures the bit stays sharp for extended use.
  • Comes in a pack of 10, making it the perfect option for bulk projects. 


  • You can use the drill bits on solid surfaces like wood, plastic, etc. 
  • All your projects will have professional results. 
  • It helps you make the countersink holes 
  • Doesn't require any kind of sharpening for a long time.
  • One pack is enough for multiple projects, saving you money and effort.

2. 10g Standard Head Alpha CRV Countersink Decking Tool

10g Standard head alpha crv countersink decking tool

The 10g Standard Head Alpha CRV Countersink Decking Tool, constructed from weather-resistant Chrome Vanadium steel, is your perfect partner. This versatile tool easily handles general countersinking tasks, ensuring your deck looks as good as it performs. 

Key Features

  • Constructed from strong Chrome Vanadium (CR-V) steel to withstand demanding deck projects.
  • The standard head design makes it suitable for most countersinking tasks on decks.
  • With the HSD100, this drill bit can easily adapt to various types of wood.
  • There is a quick-change mechanism that allows you to switch drill bits swiftly. 
  • Provides a precise and snug fit on every 10g screw.


  • The drill bits come with a premium construction for a premium look.
  • Never worry about the durability of these bits. 
  • Versatile to use on various materials
  • Saves time and effort from changing drill bits 
  • Smooth and efficient application of countersinking on materials

3. Decking Countersink 3.2mm (8g) x 5 Replacement Parabolic Drills

Decking countersink 3.2mm (8g) x 5 replacement parabolic drills

Keeping a decking functioning smoothly becomes easy with these countersink drill bits. The 3.2mm size caters to common decking screw sizes, and the illustrative flute design allows for efficient chip clearance during drilling. You get a pack of 5 in this, fulfilling all your decking countersink needs. 

Key Features 

  • The drill bits are 3.2mm, making them perfect for decking projects. 
  • Parabolic flute design aids in efficient chip clearance for faster drilling.
  • Crafted with heavy-duty materials to fulfil all the decking application demands. 
  • Useful in various decking materials, including hardwood, softwood, or composite decking. 
  • Comes with an easy replacement feature to quickly swap between drill bits. 


  • Ensures your decking countersink continues to perform optimally. 
  • Enhances the look of decking work with flawless countersinks. 
  • Great compatibility with various decking materials. 
  • Helps achieve excellent efficiency and accuracy 
  • Durable enough to last for a long time.

4. 5mm TCT Countersink 9mm Depth Gauge Drill

5mm TCT countersink 9mm depth gauge drill

Similar to the 6mm TCT option but with a smaller 5mm diameter, this drill bit is perfect for finer countersinking needs. You still get the benefits of TCT construction and precise depth control, making it a well-rounded choice for various projects.

Key Features

  • A solid TCT counter sink construction provides exceptional durability and sharpness. 
  • Built-in 9mm depth gauge provides consistent and accurate results. 
  • Crafted for 8G screws, ensuring a perfectly snug fit on them. 
  • Enhanced efficiency and versatility on hardwood, composite, and softwood 
  • Comes with a unique design facilitating efficient chip ejection. 


  • Get clean and smooth cuts from the drill bits in every use. 
  • Ideal for finer countersinking needs where a larger bit might be too bulky.
  • Provides a secure and reliable connection with perfect fitting. 
  • Useful in a variety of carpentry and cabinetry jobs. 
  • Prevents any kind of clogging issue for smoother operation. 

5. Carbitool Smart 12G / 4.0mm Countersink Tool Replacement Drill Bits Set

Carbitool smart 12G 4.0mm countersink tool replacement drill bits

Give the perfect boost to your projects with this 5-pack of Carbitool replacement countersink drill bits. These sharpshooters are specifically designed for 12G / 4.0mm screws, ensuring a perfect fit and a clean countersink every time. It's the perfect replacement set you can get for the original Carbitool Smart Countersink Tool drill bits.

Key Features

  • Made to fit the Carbitool Smart countersink tool with a 4.0mm bit size.
  • These drill bits ensure consistency with a high-grade material construction.
  • Features a unique design for efficient chip removal.
  • It's very easy to install the drill bits on the Countersink Tool.
  • Provides great value for money with the pack of 5 replacement bits.


  • Gives you a seamless drilling experience with precision. 
  • Exceptional durability on the drill bits.
  • Delivers clean and smooth countersink results every time.
  • Hassle-free drilling experience with clog prevention.
  • Saves time and effort from drill bit installation.

6. Decking Countersink HSS No.8 with Spare Drill

Decking countersink hss no.8 with spare drill

Made from High-Speed Steel (HSS), these countersinks balance performance and affordability. With the no.8 version of this drill bit, you can work any 8G screws with a perfect fitting on them. If your decking projects use 8G screws, then you can't find a better pick than this one.

Key Features

  • An affordable option for general countersinking tasks on decks and other wood projects.
  • High-speed steel (HSS) construction ensures great sharpness and efficiency.
  • Comes with a spare drill for zero downtime or delay in work.
  • Make quick and easy adjustments with the included hex key.
  • These bits have the perfect blend of durability and precision.


  • Great reliability from sharp and efficient cutting performance.
  • Easily swap out the drills to save more time.
  • Helps get the perfect depth for countersinks.
  • Excellent versatility for both professional and DIY use.
  • Leaves a polished and smooth finish on the workpiece.

7. Decking Countersink HSS No.12 with Spare Drill

Decking countersink hss No.12 with spare drill

For those who prioritise affordability without sacrificing performance, the Decking Countersink HSS options in No.12 can be suitable. It fits onto any 12G screws providing a seamless drilling experience without any faults at all. And the features they have to offer are exceptional as well. 

Key Features

  • High-quality HSS construction always delivers on strength and durability.
  • Features a spare drill bit to ensure continuous use in a project.
  • Comes with a hex key to make necessary adjustments. 
  • The bits are versatile enough to meet various needs. 
  • Offers an exceptional design promoting efficient chip ejection. 


  • Get long-lasting performance from these drill bits. 
  • No downtime or delay in work with a backup drill bit 
  • Provides maximum convenience with easy adjustments 
  • Perfect for clean countersinks on decking or woodworking projects 
  • Very easy to use and store the drill bits. 

8. Decking Countersink HSS No.14 with Spare Drill and Hex Key

Decking countersink hss no 14 with spare drill and hex key

Like the other two Decking Countersink HSS drill bits, the No.14 bits also feature exceptional quality and durability. The only difference with this one is that it caters to the largest screw diameter of 14G compared to the other ones. With these bits, a large deck installation becomes a cakewalk.  

Key Features

  • Built with top-notch HSS, these drill bits are tough and long-lasting.
  • This set includes a spare to keep you drilling uninterrupted.
  • A handy hex key is included, making installation to your drill bit a breeze.
  • These versatile drill bits can tackle a wide range of drilling tasks.
  • An innovative design features exceptional chip ejection.


  • Expect exceptional durability and smooth performance.
  • Effortless adjustments for maximum convenience.
  • Achieve flawless countersinks on large decking and woodworking projects.
  • These user-friendly drill bits are a breeze to use and store.
  • Keeps the workspace clean, tidy, and organised.

How to Choose the Right Drill Bit with Countersink Online?

The internet offers a wide collection of countersink drill bits, but finding the right one among them can be quite difficult for you as a beginner. 

To help you in that aspect, we are here to guide you through some crucial factors to consider before buying countersink drill bits. Here's what you must consider before buying countersink drill bits online.

Screw size

The first thing you should think about is the size of the screw. The countersink drill bits will only be effective if you choose the right size. There are various screw sizes out there for countersinks drill bits. The most common ones are 8G, 10G, and 12G.

Material choices

Next, you have to think about two materials. One is the material you are working on; depending on that, you must choose the drill bit material. For example, if you are working on wood or similar materials, go for HSS drill bits. But if you are working on tougher metal materials, choose a TCT or Tungsten Carbide Tipped drill bit.

Countersink Size

Just like screw sizes, you also have to consider the countersink sizes as well. Because they also come in various sizes. You can choose the countersink size depending on your project requirements. Usually, the sizes can vary from 4.0mm to 6mm or even 8mm. It just depends on your project, so make sure to check that beforehand.

Depth Gauges

Depth gauges help you control the depth of the countersink hole, preventing you from accidentally drilling too far. They can be a valuable asset for projects requiring precise countersink depth. You can use a standard 9mm depth gauge on your countersink drill bit or select a project-specific depth gauge.

Shank Shape and Size

The shank is the end of the countersink that fits into your drill chuck. You'll usually find round shanks, but some countersinks have hexagonal shanks for a more secure grip. Ensure your drill chuck is compatible with the shank type you choose.

Finding the Right Online Solution Shank Shape and Size

The last factor is to find the right online shop. To find the right online shop, you can simply check reviews of online stores, compare the prices, and look for their return policy. If you are from Australia, then a great option would be BitBuddy, which provides exceptional-quality products in its store.

FAQs about Drill and Countersink Bit

Still, you may be confused about countersink drill bits. Don't worry; here are all the common questions people ask about them. You will surely get your answers here.

What is a countersink hole?

A Countersink hole is a cone-shaped recess created in a material (usually wood or metal) to allow the head of a screw to sit flush with the surface. For ANSI/Imperial fasteners, it is commonly at 82°, 90° for metric fasteners, 100° for BA threaded fasteners, and 120° for sheet metal rivets.

Can you countersink with a regular drill bit?

No, you cannot effectively countersink with a regular drill bit. Regular drill bits create cylindrical holes, while countersink bits create the specific conical shape needed for the screw head. Using a regular drill bit for countersinking can result in an uneven or poorly sized hole, potentially damaging the material or the screw head.

How to use a countersink?

To use a countersink, you have to position the tip of the countersink drill bit over the mark for the hole and apply pressure, guiding it into the surface of the wood. This will create a wider opening at the top of the hole, allowing the screw head to sit flush with the surface.

What is the primary function of a countersink drill bit?

The primary function of a countersink drill bit is to create a conical recess that allows a screw head to sit flush with the surface of the material. Countersinking is used to ensure that flat head screws or fasteners sit flush against the workpiece.

What size countersink bit?

The size of the countersink drill bit you need depends on the diameter of the screw head you will be using. Countersink drill bits are typically sized according to numbers (e.g., No. 8, No. 12) or millimetres (e.g., 3mm, 5mm). To ensure a proper fit, the countersink bit diameter should be slightly larger than the screw head diameter.


No matter your project or budget, a countersink drill bit is out there waiting to take your DIY skills to the next level. If you are unsure about any of the 8 choices we listed here, you can choose any. 

If none suit your needs, find the best countersink drill bits for your projects by considering the factors discussed here. You will surely find the perfect option for your projects with that.

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