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Best Makita Drill Bits: Expert Reviews & Recommendations

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Makita has always been a top-tier brand for power tools and other accessories. They also have a wide collection of drill bits with various features and specialties. If you are struggling to choose the best Makita drill bits out of so many options, we have a simple solution for you. 

Here, we will review expert reviews on the top 13 drill bits manufactured by Makita. While most of their drill bits offer the same features, these 13 choices are the top-performing ones in their collection. 

So, if you are looking for Makita drill bits that deliver performance, quality, and fulfilment of purpose, check out the options below.

What is Makita Drill Bit?

Makita drill bits are designed for use with Makita power tools. They come in various shapes and sizes to tackle drilling projects in different materials. 

Different drill bit types are designed for specific applications. For example, brad point bits are ideal for clean drilling in wood, while diamond core bits are perfect for precise holes in tile or glass. 

While designed for Makita drills, most Makita drill bits have a standard shank that allows them to be used with other drill brands. So, they are compatible with more standard drills than Makita.

What are the Benefits of Using Makita Drill Bits Over Other Brands?

There are several advantages to using Makita drill bits over other brands, but it's important to consider that high-quality drill bits from other reputable brands may offer similar benefits.

  • The bits are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand heavy use.
  • Makita offers a wide variety of drill bits to suit various needs.
  • These bits are designed to provide clean, accurate holes in every drilling application.
  • They provide drill bits with specific functionality and unique features. 
  • All the bits are compatible with most drill brands, including Makita drills. 
  • The name Makita provides the reliability and quality factor.

The 13 Best Makita Drill and Bit Sets in 2024

Now, let’s explore the 13 choices that will give you what you came here for. These drill bits from Makita even outperform their other choice, let alone other brands. None disappoints in quality, but most importantly, all these choices are high-performing drill bits with unique features for special uses.

1. Makita Drill Bit Set - 5 Piece Assorted Brad Point Drill Bits

5 Piece assorted brad point drill bits

The Makita 5-piece assorted Brad point drill bit set perfectly represents precision and power packed into one unit. It helps you take your drilling experience to a new level for your woodworking projects. Due to their durability and precision, you can rely on these drill bits as a professional and as a DIYer.

Key Features

  • High-quality HSS construction provides impeccable durability 
  • The pack of 5 features five common drill bit sizes for versatility 
  • Get top-tier accuracy with the Brad point tip on the bits. 
  • Comes with a compact, sturdy, and convenient carrying case.
  • Suitable for a variety of projects, including furniture and cabinetry.

2. Makita 6mm Mini Diamond Core Drill Bit

Makita 6mm mini diamond core drill bit

Achieve a supreme level of accuracy in any 6mm project with the Makita 6mm mini Diamond core drill bit. With the diamond tip on this drill bit, you can easily get precise drilling results in every use. Along with the precision, the diamond tip also delivers on the durability factor of this drill. It becomes the perfect blend of durability and performance.

Key Features

  • Premium diamond materials provide superior precision and durability
  • A longer lifespan on the drill bit also makes it a cost-effective option. 
  • Features perfect 6mm measurements on the drill bits. 
  • Usable in various materials, including tiles, ceramics, and stone. 
  • It has an optimised design for efficient debris removal and reduced heating.

    3. B-49828 71pc Makita Drill bit set & Driver Bit Set

    B-49828 71pc makita drill bit set & driver bit set

    Here’s a Makita drill bit set that solves all your problems regarding a complete drill and driver solution. It comes with 71 Makita drills and driver bits for regular drills and impact drivers. This is the perfect kit for professionals requiring a wide variety of choices for their work purposes.

    Key Features

    • 71-piece set tackles various jobs like drilling wood, metal or driving screws.
    • High-quality materials for long-lasting performance & durability.
    • Innovative design for better grip & reduced slippage for efficient work.
    • Sturdy carrying case for easy organisation, transport & quick tool access.
    • Compatible with various Makita power tools for seamless integration.

    4. Makita 6mm Diamond Pin Drill Bit For Porcelain Tile

    Makita 6mm diamond pin drill bit for porcelain tile

    If your work requires drilling on porcelain tile, this Makita 6mm diamond pin drill bit might be the solution for you. It’s specifically made to drill on porcelain tile without damaging the material or the drill bit. The bit features a high-performance construction that delivers in every drilling session.

    Key Features

    • Sharp diamond edge for durable drilling & long life on porcelain tiles.
    • Precise cuts for clean & accurate holes in porcelain, no chipping.
    • Versatile for porcelain, ceramic, and granite.
    • Reduced heat buildup protects the bit and your tiles.
    • User-friendly design for easy drilling by anyone.

    5. Makita 8mm x 110mm Brad Point Wood Drill Bit

    Makita 8mm x 110mm brad point wood drill bit

    This is an excellent drill bit choice for creating deep holes in wood. With its 110mm length, you can easily create holes that go quite deep into the workpiece. Pairing that up with a Brad point ensures that the holes you create on the workpiece are accurate in every use.

    Key Features

    • Precise engineering for accurate & clean drilling in wood 
    • Brad point tip for clean entry holes & reduced wood tear-out.
    • Durable build for long-lasting performance in woodworking projects.
    • Versatile for cabinets, furniture & various wood materials.
    • Smooth drilling experience with reduced friction & heat buildup.

    6. Makita 8mm x 70mm Glass & Tile TCT Drill Bit

    Makita 8mm x 70mm glass & tile tct drill bit

    Anyone working on glass and tile will be in love with this amazing Makita 8mm x 70mm TCT drill bit. It’s one of the best choices when drilling 8mm holes with precision and without damaging the glass and tile materials. The bits offer extended durability and high-end performance for long-term use.

    Key Features

    • Tungsten Carbide build for durability & long life 
    • Versatile for bathroom remodels, mosaics & various projects.
    • Reduces chipping & breakage for smooth drilling.
    • Optimised 70mm shank with reinforced design for stability & precise holes.
    • Compatible with most standard drills for easy tool kit integration.

    7. Makita 10mm x 120mm Brad Point Wood Drill Bit

    Makita 10mm x 120mm brad point wood drill bit

    Here’s another Makita Brad point drill bit boasting of its accuracy in drilling holes. But what’s more exciting about this drill bit is that it can create holes as deep as 120mm, which is a feat. The drill bit is a perfect choice for professional carpenters and DIYers who need to drill deep holes in their woodworking projects.

    Key Features

    • Brad-point bit drills clean holes with precise positioning & no wandering.
    • Durable build for long-lasting performance in woodworking projects.
    • Versatile for furniture, cabinets & various woodworking applications.
    • Efficient chip removal for smoother drilling & protects workpiece.
    • 10mm shank fits most drills for compatibility & expands your toolkit.

    8. Makita 6mm x 65mm Glass & Tile TCT Drill Bit

    Makita 6mm x 65mm glass & tile tct drill bit

    Similar to the other glass and tile TCT drill bits in the list, this Makita drill bit delivers quality and performance similarly. The difference here is the diameter and length of the drill bit. You can add this drill bit to your collection with the other one to create 6mm holes that can go as deep as 65mm in glass and tile.

    Key Features
    • TCT technology for superior durability, sharpness & smooth drilling in glass & tile.
    • Balances precision & strength for various glass & tile projects.
    • 65mm length reaches tight spaces & drills deeper for project versatility.
    • Makita's quality exceeds expectations and is trusted by professionals.
    • Ideal for DIYers & professionals for performance & precision in any project.

    9. Makita 10mm x 98mm Glass & Tile TCT Drill Bit

    Makita 10mm x 98mm glass & tile tct drill bit

    Complete your glass and tile TCT drill bit arsenal with this 10mm drill bit for your projects. With the other two combined, you can have the perfect dimension ranging from 6mm to 10mm. This one can go even deeper, with a length of as long as 98mm. So, handling those nooks and corners on a project or reaching the tighter spaces won’t be a hassle anymore.

    Key Features

    • TCT tip ensures long life & clean drilling in glass & tile.
    • 10mm diameter offers versatility for use like bathroom remodels or glasswork
    • Optimised flute design allows smooth drilling & reduces overheating.
    • Delivers consistent performance & reliable results in every drilling.
    • Compatible with various drills for professional results without hassle.

    10. Makita B-44884 21 Pc. Assorted Metric Drill Bit Set

    Makita b-44884 21 pc assorted metric drill bit set

    If single-piece drill bits aren’t doing it anymore for you, then get a 21pc Metric Drill bit set. It uses the metric measurement system. But the best part about the drill bit set is that it’s perfect for professionals and DIYers with the right amount of drill bits. It features all the crucial sizes and types of drill bits required in most projects.

    Key Features

    • High-speed steel (HSS) construction for durability in tough materials.
    • Twenty-one assorted metric bits tackle various projects, small to large.
    • Drills metal, wood & masonry for construction & renovation needs 
    • Optimised design for faster, smoother drilling with clean & accurate holes.
    • Organised carrying case keeps bits secure and readily available.

    11. Makita 5mm x 65mm Glass & Tile TCT Drill Bit

    Makita 5mm x 65mm glass & tile tct drill bit

    When it comes to drilling small holes for screws, nuts, or bolts in glass and tiles, there is no better choice than this one. It’s the same drill bit we discussed but in a smaller dimension and length. If you need to drill 5mm holes, this is the perfect drill bit to pick for your projects.

    Key Features

    • Tungsten carbide tip for superior hardness and durability.
    • 5mm x 65mm size ensures precise & clean drilling for various projects.
    • Versatile for DIY projects, professional jobs & delicate glasswork
    • Compatible with Makita & standard drills for easy installation.
    • Avoids any kind of chipping and cracking from drilling.

    12. Makita D-47363 5-Piece HSS Forstner Drill Bits Set

    Makita d-47363 5-piece hss forstner drill bits set

    Get clean, flat-bottomed holes for your woodworking projects with the Makita D-47363 Forstner Drill bits. With the bits, you can create dowel joints, install hinges, or hide screw heads for your woodworking projects. The bits come in 5 different sizes in the set, all featuring high-speed steel (HSS) construction for good durability and performance.

    Key Features

    • High-speed steel (HSS) construction for long-lasting sharpness & clean cuts.
    • The 5-piece Forstner bit set offers various sizes for flat-bottom & pocket holes.
    • Premium wooden case protects & organises bits with a touch of elegance.
    • Precision-ground tips ensure accurate drilling in hardwood, softwood & composite materials. 
    • Reliable performance with excellent durability and quality.

    13. Makita 5 Piece Assorted Elite Masonry Drill Bits Set

    Makita 5 piece assorted elite masonry drill bits set

    Never struggle with drilling through concrete and brick with this Makita 5-piece masonry drill bit set. These rugged and solid drill bits are perfect for handling the hardness of masonry materials. With such high-performance material providing exceptional durability, you can drill through concrete, brick, and stone with ease.

    Key Features

    • A 5-piece set tackles brick, concrete & stone with assorted drill bits.
    • Precision-engineered with carbide tips for accuracy, durability & long life.
    • Advanced flutes remove dust for smoother, faster drilling & extended bit life.
    • Fits various drills for compatibility & expands your toolkit.
    • Makita quality construction withstands tough conditions for pros & DIYers.

    FAQs about Makita Drill and Driver Bit Set

    Still have some questions regarding Makita drill bits? Then, check out some of the most popular questions that we have answered here. This should clear out any doubts you still may have regarding the drill bits.

    Where are Makita Drill Bits Made?

    Makita drills are Japanese-made and have 100 years of experience in manufacturing tools. Packed with industry-leading technology and easy-to-use features, our range of Makita drills comes in varying styles, each targeting a specific need.

    Which Company Drill Bit is Best?

    Makita drill bits always come out on top when considering quality, durability, and performance. Regardless of whether you use a Makita drill or any other drill brand, you can always rely on these drill bits. While they may be costly compared to other choices, they are worth the money.

    What Types of Drill Bits does Makita Offer?

    Makita offers a wide variety of drill bits based on materials and applications. You can get many drill bits for wood, such as Brad Point or Forstner. Other than that, there are plenty of choices for metal, masonry, glass, tile, stone, and more. In short, they have drill bits for almost all materials.

    Do Professionals Use Makita Drill Bit?

    Yes, Makita drill bits are popular among professionals due to their durability, variety, and brand reputation. Their combination of quality, performance, and innovation also entices professionals to choose them over other brands.

    Are Makita Drill Bits Universal?

    Yes, even though the drill bits are usually designed with Makita drills in mind, all their drill bits feature a standard shank. You can use them with almost any other drill brand that accepts a standard shank, making them universally compatible.


    In conclusion, Makita drill bits are a strong contender for your next drilling project. They offer a variety of bits to suit almost any material, ensuring you have the right tool for the job. With their focus on durability, precision, and compatibility, Makita drill bits can empower you to confidently take on your projects. 

    Whether you're a seasoned professional or a weekend DIYer, Makita has a drill bit set to elevate your drilling experience.

    So, stop wandering around for quality choices and go with Makita Drill Bits.

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