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The Best Drill Bit Sets for Professionals: A Detailed Guideline

The best drill bit sets for professionals

Unlike DIY or hobby projects, professional jobs can have different kinds of requirements and purposes from your drill. To fulfill those requirements, you need to be prepared with all the different types of drill bits in your toolbox.

Surely, you can find separate drill bits of different sizes, shapes, and types. But a much easier way to solve the problem is to simply get a drill bit set. If you can’t find a good quality drill bit set, then we have the perfect thing for you.

Here we check out the best drill bit sets for professionals, to give you a deeper insight. After going through the guide, you will get the perfect drill bit set for professional drilling purposes.

So, without wasting a second, let’s get into it.

What is a Drill Bit Set?

A drill bit set is a collection of drill bits that are designed to create holes in various materials. You can get a variety of drill bit types such as timber drill bits, metal drill bits, driver bits, masonry drill bits, and so on. Within the types, these bits will also vary in sizes, materials, point styles, and shapes.

What makes drill bit sets great is that you get a collection of drill bit types in a single box. Usually, these drill bit sets come in a carrying case that makes it easy for you to organize the bits and transport them. When you have a drill bit set, you can say that you are pretty much equipped to handle any kind of drill work.

The Best 13 Drill Bit Set Australia in 2024

If you are living in Australia and looking to add the perfect drill bit set to your toolbox, then go through the following choices. All these options are quite popular amongst Australian drilling professionals which we have got from several best drill bit set reviews. These drill bits can easily help you compete with them.

Let’s get started. 

1. Makita Drill Bit Set - 5 Piece Assorted Brad Point


Makita drill bit set - 5 piece assorted brad point


Elevate your drilling results and experience to a whole new level with the ultimate 5-piece assorted brad point drill bit set by Makita. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, this drill bit set can be the perfect companion for all your woodworking projects. With the combination of precision and durability, this one will never fail you with any of your work.

Key Features

  • Includes a selection of 5 commonly used Brad Point drill bit sizes
  • Features a sharp centering point and shearing edges
  • High-speed steel construction (HSS) for durability and performance
  • Ideal for drilling precise holes in any wood
  • Comes with a compact case for great portability

2. B-49828 71pc Makita Drill Bit Set


B-49828 71pc makita drill bit sets


If you are work isn’t just limited to wood and involves materials like metal and masonry, then this is the perfect drill bit set for you. The Makita 71-piece is a perfect drilling and driving solution. It comes with both drill bits and driver bits giving you the option to tackle various professional tasks. You can seamlessly switch between drilling and driving tasks, maximizing efficiency.

Key Features

  • 71 total pieces add a versatility factor
  • A variety of drill bit materials (HSS, carbide) for different applications
  • Suitable for metal, wood, masonry drilling, and various driving tasks
  • Includes both drill and driver bits for a complete solution
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case to keep bits organized

3. Self-Centering Drill Bit Set


Self-centering drill bit set


Drilling in metric sizes becomes a much easier job for you when you have the self-centering drill bit set in your toolbox. The bits take your drilling experience to a new level with impeccable accuracy and efficiency in various tasks. It includes drill bits for 2mm, 2.8mm, 3.5mm, and 4.2mm. This is particularly useful for delicate drilling tasks or applications where perfect hole placement is crucial.

Key Features

  • Centering point for accurate and wobble-free drilling
  • Caters to various needs with different metric sizes
  • Usable for both professionals and DIYers for multiple projects
  • Change drill bits rapidly with quick-change shanks 
  • Durable and high-quality material construction

4. Makita B-44884 21 Pc. Assorted Metric


Makita b-44884 21 pc. assorted metric

Conquer a variety of your drilling projects with this Makita 21-piece metric drill bit set. You can work on metal, wood, and masonry, making the drill bit set a versatile choice for all general use. With a high-speed steel construction, you can use the bits for an extended period without any worries at all. The convenient storage case keeps your bits organized and protected.

Key Features

  • Comes with 21 different drill bits in the set for versatility
  • Excellent durability with High-speed steel construction
  • Suitable for metal, wood, and masonry drilling
  • Features an optimized design for efficient cutting and reduced friction
  • The carrying case keeps drill bits secure and organized

5. Makita 5 Piece Assorted Elite Masonry


Makita 5 piece assorted elite masonry


Complete jobs like drilling through concrete and brick easily with this Makita 5-piece masonry drill bit set. These heavy-duty bits are specifically designed to handle the hardness and abrasiveness of masonry materials.  They high-performance materials that offer exceptional durability for drilling through concrete, brick, and stone. The 5-piece set includes a variety of commonly used sizes for masonry drilling tasks.

Key Features

  • 5 assorted masonry drill bits with different sizes for different projects
  • Uses highly durable material for superior performance in masonry
  • Precision engineering provides accuracy in all drilling tasks
  • Designed for maximum compatibility with most drills out there
  • Suitable for both professional contractors and DIYers

6. Makita D-47363 5-Piece HSS Forstner


Makita d-47363 5-piece hss forstner


To make your woodworking projects clean and precise the Makita 5-piece Forstner bit set is undoubtedly a worthy choice. Forstner bits feature a unique design with a centering point and a sharp outer rim to get clean, flat-bottomed holes that are for woodworking. You can create dowel joints, install hinges, or hide screw heads.  The bits are made from high-speed steel (HSS) for good durability and performance in wood and they come in 5 different sizes in the set.

Key Features

  • Comes in 5 different sizes for versatility
  • High-speed steel construction ensures sharpness and wear resistance
  • Usable for creating clean, flat-bottomed holes in wood
  • Forstner bit design with a centering point and sharp rim ensures accuracy
  • Features a premium wooden case that’s compact and durable

7. Bristol Metric Drill Set - 25 Pieces


Bristol metric drill set - 25 pieces


If you work with a metric system and looking for a drill bit set that caters to a precision more than anything else, then the Bristol Metric Drill set great option for you. This 25-piece metric drill bit set caters to precision drilling tasks with a range of metric bit sizes that tackle various drilling needs. You can get all the standard sizes in this set to complete most of your professional and DIY tasks.

Key Features

  • Features 25 different styles and sizes in the metric drill bit set
  • Crafted from high-quality durable materials to tackle the toughest jobs
  • Usable in both delicate and heavy-duty projects
  • Offers efficient chip removal with minimal heat buildup
  • Includes a sturdy, and portable storage case to keep bits organized

8. Bristol Metric Drill Set - 100 Pieces


Bristol metric drill set - 100 pieces


For professionals who require a vast collection of metric drill bits, the Bristol Metric Drill Set should be the ultimate solution. There are 100 drill bits available in this set which gives you a wide range of metric bit sizes to address any drilling task imaginable. Whether it’s delicate projects to heavy-duty applications you can cover everything.  All the bits feature a standard shank size, meaning you can use it with almost any drill out there.

Key Features

  • Provides great versatility with 100 drill bits in a single set
  • Uses high-grade Bristol steel for reliable and durable performance
  • Features precise ground tips for exceptional accuracy
  • Tackles almost all kinds of drilling tasks with ease
  • Comes with a durable and sorted carrying case

9. 100-Piece Security Bit Set


100 Piece security bit set


Go beyond standard drilling with this 100-piece security bit set. It’s not your regular drill bit set, it comes with security bits that can tackle tamper-resistant screws with ease. The set is ideal for electricians, builders, and anyone who needs to work with security screws. It offers a well-rounded solution for various drilling and security screw-driving tasks you may come across.

Key Features

  • There are a total of 100 security bits in the set delivering versatility
  • Includes a combination of Torx, Hex, Phillips, Slotted, and other bits
  • With high-quality materials, the bits are built to last for a long time
  • Suitable for various kinds of projects
  • Provides a snug fit with precision machine designs

10. 29 Piece Bristol Imperial Drill Set


29 Piece bristol imperial drill set


If your projects involve working with imperial measurements, then this 29-piece imperial drill bit set from Bristol is a great option. It offers a range of popular imperial bit sizes suitable for drilling metal, wood, or plastic. All the drill bits are designed in such a way that makes sure they can deliver the optimum performance for every project.

Key Features

  • There are 29 different imperial drill bit sizes available in the set
  • Ensures exceptional durability and heat resistance with HSS material
  • Suitable for use in different materials including wood and metal
  • Precision-engineered drill bits feature impeccable accuracy
  • Excellent for efficient chip removal, reduced heat buildup, and bit clogging

11. Bristol Metric Drill Set - 13 Piece


Bristol metric drill set - 13 piece


When you have to deal with only the standard metric sizes, the Bristol 13 Piece Professional kit might be a compelling option for you. The reason to get this drill set over the other metric sets is its portability. This drill bit set features the most common and standard 13 metric sizes bits, for professional use in a very compact case. It is ideal for professional tool belts or situations where portability is key.

Key Features

  • Selective and useful 13 sizes of metric drill bits in the set
  • Crafted from high-grade material for durability and longevity
  • The sturdy case has labeled slots for easy identification
  • Very compact to easily carry the kit everywhere
  • Great efficiency with reduced heat and friction

12. Bristol Step Drill Set


Bristol step drill set


Ease out the whole drilling process with a step drill bit set in your toolbox just like the Bristol Step Drill bit set. There are 3-step drill bits in the set that vary in 3 different size ranges such as 4-12mm, 4-20mm, and 6-30mm. You can drill a range of hole sizes with a single bit, so you won’t have to switch between multiple drill bits. Use the drill bits for sheet metal, plastic, and wood applications.

Key Features

  • Includes 3 different drill bits ranging in different sizes
  • Drill various diameters of holes without switching bits in between
  • Uses high-quality materials to provide exceptional durability
  • Works on sheet metal, plastic, and wood
  • Saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency of work

13. Carbitool Smart 12G / 4.0mm Countersink Tool


Carbitool smart 12g / 4.0mm countersink tool


Maintain a clean and professional finish on all your woodworking and carpentry projects with these Carbitool replacement countersink drill bits. This is a set of 5 12G/ 4.0mm Countersink bits are designed for a specific screw size. It's important to ensure compatibility with the screw size you plan to use. These bits are ideal for topping up your existing countersink tool when the original bits become dull.

Key Features

  • Perfectly fits the Carbitool Smart 12G Countersink tool
  • Made from high-grade materials for extensive precision and durability
  • Provides smooth and clean countersinks in every drilling use
  • Features efficient chip removal, anti-clogging, and hassle-free drilling.
  • Very easy to install and perfect design for convenience

How to Choose a Best Budget Drill Bit Set?

Choosing the best budget drill bit set comes down to considering several different factors. Before you go ahead and buy a drill bit set make sure to go through the following factors to make an informed buying decision.

Material Compatibility

First, you have to think about the material you will be drilling into and then think about the drill bit material. The popular material choices for drill bits are high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt, and tungsten carbide. Check out this table to match the drill bits based on material compatibility.

Surface Material Drill bit material
Wood  High-speed steel
Metal (Aluminum, sheet metal) High-speed steel
Tougher Metals Cobalt
Masonry Tungsten Carbide


Now, if you feel like you have to tackle all these surface materials, then look for a drill bit set that features drill bits made of HSS, cobalt, and carbide.

Available Drill Bit Types 

The next thing you have to think about is whether the drill bit set contains all the different types of drill bits required for your projects. For example, if you are working with wood, then you may prefer getting Forstner bits, or Brad point bits. Or if you want to remove tamper-resistant screws then you should look for security bits set.

Try getting a drill bit set that features as many different types as possible. You can surely avoid the types that you feel aren’t necessary for your type of work. Make sure to check the different types of drill bits to learn more and decide effectively.

Drill Bit Sizes 

Along with material and drill bit type, you have to think about the sizes as well. It’s also crucial to think about all the different sizes you may need for your project. For instance, if you do a lot of heavy-duty projects involving larger or stronger materials, then you need larger bits. For lighter projects, you need smaller bits.

It’s always best if you can get a balance of both sizes. This way you will get the best possible versatility in the drill bit set.

Purpose of The Drill Bits 

Here’s another crucial aspect of any drill bit set. You can simply base your buying decision on the fact that what you want to do with the drill bits. If you have a specific purpose like doing only a masonry project, then you can get a masonry set.

Similar to this, you will find other similar drill bit sets that are suitable for a certain type of project. It’s great to consider this because this way you won’t end up with drill bits in your set that are never used at all.

Number of Drill bits 

Even though this doesn’t have to do anything with the performance of the bits, it can be a reason to buy a drill bit set. You can simply consider whether you want to get a 25-piece drill bit set or a 100-piece drill bit set. Just check what the different drill bits in the set feature and offer.

Don’t just get a drill bit set that has plenty of drill bits in it. That way you may get drill bits in your set that are completely unusable. That’s why, consider the other factors first, and then think about the number.

Measurement System 

You can also choose the drill bit set based on the measurement system you use. While some drill bit sets follow the metric measurement system, some will be in the imperial measurement system. Choose the one that you prefer to use.

FAQ About Drill Bit Set

Still, have some questions wandering in your mind? Well, then check out some of the most common questions we often face regarding drill bit driver sets.

Does drill bit brand matter?

Yes, the brand name in drill bits matters. Brands usually indicate the quality and reliability of the drill bits as they often use high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, to produce their drill bits. They also make drill bits that are usually longer-lasting. So, brand name does matter for drill bits.

What are the highest-grade drill bits?

Carbide bits are the strongest drill bits material and can cut through hardened steel. But if they are not available, titanium and cobalt drill bits can also be used. However, drilling with either of these bits will take longer than drilling with a carbide drill bit.

Should you choose a solid drill bit or a drill with interchangeable inserts?

The type of drill bit you should choose depends on your preferences mostly. If you are looking to drill larger diameter holes then go for interchangeable inserts. You can use them at a much higher speed than solid drill bits. However, if you want to drill smaller diameters then choose solid drill bits because they are rigid enough to drill through tight tolerances.

Which is better cobalt or HSS drill bits?

Cobal is a much better choice over HSS drill bits solely based on the strength of. The cobalt bits are better for heavy-duty drilling applications with a more rapid high-speed endurance. Cobalt also offers the advantage of being more heat resistant over standard HSS, allowing for longer running time performance when undertaking any drilling activity.

What drill bit for plasterboard?

It’s best if you can use a multi-use or multi-surface drill bit for plasterboard. But if you can’t find them, then a wood or steel drill bit will work as well. Avoid using a masonry drill bit, as it’s too powerful and will end up damaging the plasterboard.


In conclusion, ensuring professional-grade results requires you to use the most suitable drill bit for your project. The best way to meet plenty of your needs is to get the best drill bit sets for professionals.

You can choose any of the drill bits from the list above, and you will end up with satisfactory results. And if you choose to explore more, then make sure to consider the factors we discussed.

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